Start Driving with Thanari


Add a Source of Revenue

Add a source of revenue to your income simply by adding a beacon to your car. This can really complement a salary or even a ride-sharing lifestyle.

how we work

You Decide How Much You Want To Earn

Based on how much you are willing to cover your car, and how many miles you drive, earn more or less according to your preferences and habits.

Earn Money For Every Referral.

Tell your friends about Thanari, and earn money for every driver that signs up.

Benefits You Get



  • Decide how much you want to spend
  • Target the specific area you want
  • Target the demographics you want
  • Get access to detailed analytics
  • Reach consumers on their phones at the same time they see the decals
  • Add and remove drivers as you wish
  • Reach thousands of people for lower prices than any other form of out of home media