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How We Compare To Out Of Home Media

On average, $20,000 spent on traditional OOH will get you 921,604 impressions. That same $20,000 spent with us will get you 4,583,333 impressions, reaching customers simultaneously through OOH and digital. Plus, we have the multiplier effect of people thinking they see the car everywhere, multiplying your brand awareness.

Select where you want to advertise

Select how many cars you want in that area

Design decals and beacon notifications

Select how much you want to spend per day

Increase brand awareness, convert customers, and put your brand in the streets for everyone to see

Benefits You Get



  • You are your own boss
  • Decide how much you want to earn
  • Decals are very small and don’t damage the car
  • Pick your own campaigns
  • Make up to $300 per month